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Career Moves
An educational video and interactive website about careers and science.
Show Communications produced a 30-minute video and an interactive website for the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics on the topic of careers, and on the importance of developing real skills in science and math no matter what career path you choose.
Vale Mineral Gallery
Multimedia exhibits completed at the Canadian Museum of Nature
Show Communications has completed over 20 multimedia and interactive pieces for the new Vale Mineral Gallery at the Canadian Museum of Nature. The productions ranged from animated cartoons to 3D simulations, to documenting scientists in the field.
Beyond the Atom
Video production completed for the Perimeter Institute
Beyond the Atom: Remodeling Particle Physics was produced for the Perimeter Institute. The video explores how physicists make discoveries, and relates the exciting events taking place at the Large Hadron Collider, the world's largest particle accelerator.