Destination Moon! Object Theatre
Telus World of Science - Edmonton, Alberta
The Saturn 5 mission to the moon brought back pieces of rock that give scientists insight into how the Earth and our moon were formed. Our object theatre highlights the history of American space exploration, and the Telus World of Science’s piece of that very moon rock, Great Scott, that was brought back from the mission.
The Age of Sail: Special Exhibit
Marine Museum, Kingston
In The Age of Sail, we explore a revolution in sailboat design and recreation, and the creation of a cultural phenomenon that blossomed in the years after World War II. Show Communications delves into the innovations, the romance, the boom and the people that helped transform sailing from a niche sport into a widely accessible pastime, in a special exhibit produced for the Marine Museum.
Butterfly Conservatory Video
Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa
With this animated video, Show Communications produced a short introduction to the life of a butterfly for the Canadian Museum of Nature. From the beginning of its life as an egg on a leaf, to its transformation into a beautiful flying insect, how does the butterfly's metamorphosis work?
Black Holes: Video
The Perimeter Institute, Waterloo
Physicists are still looking for answers to some of the universe’s oldest greatest questions, but they inch ever closer to having a full knowledge of the way black holes work. In Black Holes, Show Communications interviews working physicists from the Perimeter Institute, in a discussion regarding the make up and theory of black holes.
The Original Hockey Hall of Fame: Gallery
Kingston, Ontario
Celebrate 'the greatest game in the world'! Show Communications and the co-host of Hockey Night in Canada’s Coach's Corner, Don Cherry, bring Kingston, Ontario’s legacy as the birthplace of organized hockey to the forefront of the Original Hockey Hall of Fame with a video and an interactive gallery.
A Guide to the Galaxy: Video
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo
In this short introduction to those aspects of the cosmos that make it eternally fascinating, Show Communications worked for The Perimeter Institute to make an overview of what, after hundreds of years of astronomical observations, scientists have been able to find out about the Milky Way Galaxy: what looks like, what makes it up, and how we could possibly concieve of such a vast body moving through space.
Career Moves! Film & Website
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo
Career Moves is a 30-minute video with accompanying interactive website all about careers. It was produced as a part of Perimeter's BrainSTEM initiative. The Project features some of the most interesting and successful Canadians speaking openly about the challenges, doubts and successes they had embarking on their career paths. The careers featured range from video game producers to clebrity chefs. The online resources accompanying the film can be seen here: Career Moves Resources
Vale Earth Gallery Multimedia Exhibits
Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa
Show Communications produced two dozen multimedia products for the new Vale Earth Gallery, ranging from humorous cartoon animation, to steam-punk machines that create rocks, to 3D animations of geological processes. We even grew some crystals and filmed them in time-lapse. As our client graciously said, "We could not have imagined better products - or a better relationship - for our new Vale Earth Gallery!"
Cave & Basin Theatre
Cave and Basin national Park, Banff, Alberta
Show Communications worked with Affinity Productions in Ottawa to develop and script a multiscreen exhibit about the history of National Parks in Canada. The show was part of the permanent exhibits in the newly renovated Cave and Basin Visitor's Centre in Banff, Alberta.
BodyTrek! multimedia Theatre
Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Denver
BodyTrek! is an award winning* theatre within the Expedition Health Gallery at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The 15-minute show takes the audience on a journey up Mount Evans to learn how the human body reacts to the challenges of changin environments. The theatre includes panoramic projection, live biometric interactions, an automated LCD screen that "scans" a body to reveal the anatomy within, and many other special effects. [*2010 Edgie: Best Visitor Experience, Association of Science and Technology Centers]
Beyond The Atom Video
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo
Beyond the Atom is a 30-minute video about particle physics designed as an advanced resource for upper level high school students as well as the curious public at large. The video explores how physicists create models of the particle universe based on experiments. The video was made in collaboration with physicists from across North America and CERN.
Upper Canada Village Exhibits
Upper Canada Village, Morrisburg
Show Communications was contracted to help develop a number of new exhibits at the Visitor Centre at Upper Canada Village. We provided scripting, direction, storyboarding and graphic design to a number of exhibits, including a 4-screen reenactment of the Battle of Crysler's Farm (War of 1812) and a 10-foot-long multitech interactive table.
Changing Climates Object Theatre
Science North, Sudbury
Show Communications provided a range of services for a multimedia object theatre at Science North in Sudbury - including scripting, voice directing, media and set design, storyboarding and animatics, and post-production direction. The show features Canadian comedian Rick Mercer as a talking sheep who is very concerned about climate change. The show plays at Science North in Sudbury, Ontario, and will open at the Singapore Science Centre in 2014.
Club genome Object theatre
Science North, Sudbury
Welcome to Club Genome! A rhythmic, pulsating and lively club where music and light blend with science. This is an exploration of the new world of genomics, and shows how the study of genomics is leading to a revolution in medicine. Show Communications developed, scripted, designed and directed this project with our colleagues at Science North. The theatre is a multi-use space as well as an automated show, allowing for school groups to participate in workshops.
Star Wars: Robot Debate Object Theatre
Boston Science Museum
Show Communications was hired by the Science Museum of Minnesota to provide direction, scripting and media design for a new object theatre being created for the Boston Science Museum's Traveling Exhibit "Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination." This was an exciting project featuring MIT roboticist Dr. Cynthia Breazeal and Anthony Daniels as C3P0 debating the achievements of modern robotics, from within a Sand Crawler!
Otis' Adventure: Multimedia Theatre
The Philadelphia Zoo, Philadelphia
Otis's Adventure is a multiscreen special effects show at the McNeil Avian Center at the Philadelphia Zoo. Using multiple screens, objects and lighting effects, the show takes the audience on an animated adventure with an oriole named Otis as he ventures on his first migration through the Delaware Valley. We were happy to be a part of this show, supplying direction and scripting.
Enhanced Learning Stations
Canadian Museum of Nature Fossil Gallery, Ottawa
Eight interactive multimedia touchscreens allow visitors to explore a range of topics on dinosaurs and the science behind our understanding of past life. Blending high impact video with fun and engaging games, these kiosks are a highlight of the CMN's new fossil gallery.
Engineered for Speed: Special Effects Show
Grantley Adams International Airport, Barbados.
An eight-minute multimedia show about the incredible engineering of the world's first and only supersonic passenger jet. The story is told through images and video projected on the Concorde itself. Show Communications was also contracted to develop and on-board video that recounts the glamour and excitement of being a passenger on the Concorde.
Awakening of the Temple: Lobby Show
Aztec on the River, San Antonio, TX.
Show Communications worked on two multimedia shows for the new Aztec on the River Theater in San Antonio, Texas. The "Awakening of the Temple" lobby show is a multimedia extravaganza taking place in the restored lobby of a 1920's palace theatre. Among the highlights is a 12-foot animatronic Quetzalcoatl serpent that rises up through the floor! The second project is a Peppers's Ghost theatre within a restored original mechanical room of the theatre. The lobby show was awarded a THEA award for Best Attraction on a Limited Budget.